My husband and I (Pamela) went through a long and arduous journey with our son. We searched for help within our church, counseling centers, parent training programs, and many other sources, but we couldn’t find the help we needed. In desperation, we ended up sending our son to a therapeutic boarding school. As our son went through the program, we realized that our whole family needed help. We had gone down the dark path of trying to pull our teen out of harm’s way. In doing so, we were doing him more harm than good. As parents, we are willing to do most anything to help our child. Unfortunately, we often step into the role of enabling the bad behavior while we are fighting for our child. As we began to learn how to be the parents our son needed us to be, we decided that we could have made those changes within our home if we had been able to find outside support and guidance.

Our experience created the desire within us to help other families in similar circumstances.Pamela

When the Lord provided us with the resources and confirmation to move forward, we decided to create Teen Hope of Idaho. Our goal is to establish a support system customized for your family’s needs. We believe that with the right support (including help from God), families can walk through this painful process with success. Of course, there are circumstances where a teen in crisis needs separation from the deadly lifestyle he’s created. Whatever the challenges, we are familiar with the services Idaho provides for helping teens, and we are prepared to use whatever resources are needed for each child’s situation.
All of the people working in our program, including our board members have had experience with troubled teens. Some of us are parents who went through a difficult time with our own child. Some of us struggled ourselves through the teenage years, and some of us have worked in the ministry of helping struggling families with challenging teens because God has put this on our heart. Together, we bring experience that offers the whole perspective of families with these challenges.